If you googled this question, you might think it did, but these articles failed to explain that diabetes is a chronic condition that you manage, not cure. To learn more about the basic of diabetes (type 2) the Joslin Diabetes Center has wonderful articles, including Will Diabetes Go Away?

So why are there thousands of articles claiming that diabetes can be cured or reversed? There have been studies that look at radical dietary changes, from drinking liquid shakes, to eating less than 800 calories. The findings report the highlights of a radical diet, you know the one you might stay on for 1-6 months, but they fail to report what happens after.

As blood sugars rise and your sense of personal accomplishment plummets. This is what weight-neutral health professionals call the Diet-blood sugar rollercoaster. So what can you do? First, STOP DIETING and start managing your diabetes (not by changing your body size or shape) but by nourishing your body, fortify your mind and energize your spirit. Next stop berating yourself, or telling yourself to “Try harder”. Acknowledge that having diabetes or elevated blood sugars is challenging.

Now its time to take action. How can you manage you diabetes? Learning about the basics of diabetes care is a click away and this video by The American Diabetes Association called Link for Life is a fun and engaging way to start.

Wanting To Read Some Great Articles? Here Are A Few To Get You Started.

  • Jon Robinson PhD on the value and importance of the non-diet approach to self-care.
  • Rebecca Scritchfield, author, and Registered Dietitian explains What a Healthy Plate Looks Like? Learn the basics of healthy eating without restriction or focusing on weight-loss.
  • Michelle May, MD explains, “Once a lack of self-confidence is triggered, people become vulnerable to wishful thinking. Instead of engaging in scientifically proven programs to learn what can be done, Americans invest millions of dollars in unproven programs and strict diets that promote short-term, unrealistic lifestyle changes. And just like other restrictive diets, these “cures” often lead to a phenomenon we refer to as the “eat-repent-repeat” cycle, rather than sustainable changes which are essential for optimal health and diabetes management.” https://amihungry.com/diabetes-self-management/
  • Linda Bacon, Ph.D., RDN writes in Diabetes Self-management “Genes play a large role in the development of diabetes. We’re all born with challenges in our genetic code—as well as in our life circumstances—and this is one of the challenges you were dealt. Your body was vulnerable to difficulty with glucose regulation, and some combination of factors triggered that genetic propensity. However, now that a diagnosis of diabetes has made you aware of your body’s trouble regulating glucose, you’re in the driver’s seat: You can learn how to manage your blood glucose and nourish yourself better. To get there, you may need to let go of certain beliefs that harm rather than help you.”

Podcasts are an amazing way to explore a weight-neutral approach regarding insulin resistance. Here are five different interviews which explore why and how a weight-neutral approach is necessary.

Group can get you the personalized attention that you are craving. Here are two to get you going.