What Is Weight Inclusive Diabetes Care? It is a way to manage pre-diabetes and diabetes that isn't weight-focused. What do I mean when I say, 'isn't weight focused'?

People like you are tired of being told to 'lose weight. You’re sick of feeling like having a higher-weight body is 'wrong' or that you are somehow to blame for your elevated blood sugar. You know that dieting doesn't work and that being told to go on a 'diet' will likely trigger another yo-you dieting cycle. A cycle that typically results in weight gain, not weight loss.

There are a few weight inclusive programs to consider

These weight-inclusive programs are designed to help you step out of diet culture and into a full and vibrant life! Not ready for a class? No worries, why not work with a weight-inclusive professional to guide your care?

If you are new to diabetes the No Weight Loss Required: Prediabetes and Diabetes program can help you end your sense of overwhelming. While diabetes is complex it is easier to understand when the topics are organized. Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RDN, CDCES created an effective way to organize the different topics in diabetes by sorting them into 4 Factors of Diabetes

  • Dietary - Discover how to nourish and nurture your body without dieting. Discover different styles of eating including Mediterranean, DASH, and plant-based diets without counting calories or restricting your intake.
  • Lifestyle - Play with new ways to move your body in enjoyable ways. Learn how mindfulness can reduce stress and bring joy back into everyday moments.
  • Medical - Explore more about labs, how diabetes works, medications, and more
  • Environmental - Understand the large or subtle ways your environment can impact blood sugar.

Weight-inclusive diabetes care understands that the complex trauma of weight stigma is a barrier to self-care. Meeting with professionals that keep talking about diets, is re-traumatizing, creating a cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors that only make matters worse!

Stop blaming yourself! Find a healthcare provider that supports you, no weight loss required!