What Are Learning Recipes?

In general, recipes are a step by step way to cook or bake. What if you had something like that to help you understand and care for your diabetes?

I bet it would be helpful. You see questions guide learning - I am all about guiding versus telling, so I created Learning Recipes. If we haven’t met, my name is Megrette and I am a diabetes care and education specialist and registered dietitian.

I have discovered over the last 30 years learning about something as important as diabetes has some unique challenges. The first being, what to learn. You see what you need to learn changes based on the questions you have.

For example, Joe just learned his blood sugar was elevated. He thinks he can make some changes to his diet and things might return to normal. Betty, on the other hand, has had diabetes for 15 years and is curious about the new technology available. Chris needs to add medication, and Veronica is thinking about her upcoming vacation. Everyone is different, this is why learning recipes are helpful.

At the No Weight Loss Required Prediabetes and Diabetes Program, each month you will receive personalized learning questions and learning recipes. This unique approach is designed to end your confusion by breaking knowledge down into understandable segments you can watch, rewatch, and apply, all from the comfort of your own home. Your learning recipes are based on your intake form.

  • How can I create a meal? A learning recipe would be to watch Blood Sugar Rocket + Blood Sugar Rocket Meal Planning Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • What are the blood sugar targets? A learning recipe would be Blood Sugar Basics

Learning recipes provide you with a simple way to get your questions answered!