How to Learn About Diabetes in 3 Steps!

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RDN, CDCES

You want to learn about diabetes. Congratulations, that is awesome. The question then becomes how? Where do you start, how do you begin? I am sure you have a hundred questions, which tells me you are motivated and curious! Nourishing your natural curiosity is a wonderful place to begin to learn about your blood sugars. Questions guide learning, so you are looking for options to support your natural curiosity.

Step 1: Meeting with a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist is helpful. These professionals - who can be pharmacists, dietitians, nurses, social workers and many other professionals - have additional training, including 1, 000 hours of experience in diabetes care, and have passed a 200 question exam. They will support your learning and help you develop a plan.

Step 2: You also want to learn about those areas of interest to you. Bring your questions to your medical appointments. This will help you stay on track. The Association of Diabetes Cares and Education Specialists offer the ADCES Self-Care Behaviors which includes seven key areas to help you better understand diabetes.

Step 3: Think about getting support between appointments. This can include friends, podcasts, or joining an online group like The No Weight Loss Required Program. Getting support and education between appointments can keep you curious and engaged in your diabetes care. Many programs provide clever ways to make learning fun. For example, the No Weight Loss Required Program is designed to end your confusion about diabetes care by breaking knowledge down into understandable segments. This weight-inclusive program focuses on diabetes care without talking about your weight, diets, or weight loss.