Why Can’t I Change My Diet?

Megrette Fletcher M.Ed., RDN, CDCES

You are ready to make some changes to your diet to improve your overall blood sugar levels. Congratulations for taking that step. Maybe you are thinking of cutting out carbs, eating brown rice, or swearing off dessert. Whatever you decide, most of us go about making a change by issuing a decree, “I won’t do XYZ!” or “I can’t have dessert any more!” and because of this something strange happens.

This post will help you sort out what your past attempts have in common, and how you can use your smarticle-particles to nourish your body in four steps.

Step 1

Shift from telling yourself what to do, to asking yourself what to do. How might that sound? A telling voice might say, “You have to eat…” or “You can’t have X.” An asking voice might sound like, “What options are available?” or “How can you include X at this meal or snack?” If you are wondering why asking versus telling is a critical change, step 2 offers some explanation.

Step 2

Telling yourself what to do seems like it would work. It ‘should’ work, right? Yet, when you pause and ask yourself did it, what do you learn? If you said, “Yes” then why are you looking to change your diet? If it worked (as in actually helped) you wouldn’t be reading this article. It might have worked for an hour, day, week, okay even a month! Yet, this ineffable thing happened and THAT IS WHY you are back looking to change. If this sounds about right, it is time we talk about “IT.” “IT” stands for your inner teenager.

Step 3

Let’s face it, everyone has an “IT” and when you think back to your teenage years, you might cringe, or smile. Your inner teenager is an important part of who you are. This means you don’t want to get rid of “IT” and you know from experience telling, yelling, or punishing your “IT” doesn’t work either.

Step 4

Coming alongside “IT” is the solution you have been looking for. The No Weight Loss Required, Prediabetes and Diabetes Program understands (and loves) the inner teenager and wants to support you as you come alongside “IT.” We do this by offering Learning Recipes where you can try, play, and discover for yourself what works. As a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with over 20 years’ experience, I understand that questions guide learning. And the No Weight Loss Required Program is all about guiding versus telling.

Each month you will receive learning questions and recipes you can try and play with. This unique approach is designed to end your confusion by breaking knowledge down into understandable segments. In our private community you can watch short, fun, and engaging videos, all from the comfort of your own home. What is even better is when you join the full community you unlock learning recipes individualized for you!

If you are ready to begin, why not start a program that works with your inner teenager, offers evidence-based diabetes care, and is weight inclusive! For a short time, you can get access to our introductory VIP Ready To Begin membership for only $1, a $9.98 value!

Photo by Julien L on Unsplash