Meg Salvia


Gestational Diabetes and Eating Disorder Content Resource


Meg Salvia, MS, RDN, CDE, CEDRD provides nutrition counseling services through her group practice based in Cambridge, MA. She also serves as the clinical dietitian at Walden Behavioral Care’s Peabody clinic, including the Free to Be program for the treatment of binge eating. She specializes in working with clients with eating disorders, diabetes, or co-occurring diagnoses.  She takes a balanced, non-diet approach to nutrition, promoting a positive relationship with both food and the body and incorporating intuitive eating and mindfulness skills. Her credentials include certification as an eating disorder specialist (CEDRD conferred by IADEP) and a diabetes education (CDE via NCBDE). She earned a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from Boston University. Prior to pursuing her graduate degree, she worked in clinical diabetes research at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Boston Children’s Hospital. Her current interests include one-on-one and group clinical sessions, educating fellow nutrition and clinical professionals, and research pursuits. You can find Meg on her website,, her food and recipe blog (with a non-diet, supportive approach to nourishment and cooking) at, or on Instagram at @megsalvianutrition.