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No need to be perfect!

Estimating Carbs Can

Improve Blood Sugar

Have you ever wondered how to count carbs? Have you tried but found yourself facing long lists of foods and a lot of confusing math?

This course will show you an easy way to estimate carbs without list of good and bad foods, or suggesting what you can and can't eat.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Where are carbs typically found in your diet?
  2. How to estimate carbohydrates
  3. How to read labels
  4. How to balance your plate

Welcome, Everyone!

My name is Megrette Fletcher. I am an RD, CDCES and I would like to introduce you to estimating carbohydrates. I used to work with the military and they taught me the term S.W.A.G.

I promise that you can do a lot of good by becoming curious about carbs and learning how to estimate them!

Learning has never been so easy!

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