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What Should I Do?

Regardless if you have had diabetes for years or were diagnosed yesterday, most of us are not sure what to do - and how to take action. This is because having diabetes can create an intersection with size and health that is not easy to understand.

The Thought Compass Activity is an activity to assist you as you untangle how these oppressive beliefs, policies, and experiences are blocking self-care. The resources on the, including our mini-courses, are provided to help you learn how to step out of diet culture and start focusing on evidence-based diabetes care. 

In this course, you will complete The Thought Compass, which is an activity that Megrette Fletcher created and has been using with her clients for over 10-years.

The Thought Compass activity will help you untangle your thoughts about diabetes so you can uncover the next BEST (not perfect) step!

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The Thought Compass

Untangle your thoughts bring clarity

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My name is Megrette Fletcher. I am an RD, CDCES and I would like to introduce you to a teaching tool that I use with my clients that makes the initial appointment a lot more fun and engaging.