To provide excellence in diabetes education for nurses, dietitians, certified diabetes educators and all health professionals who are involved in diabetes care from a weight-neutral approach and to make this education accessible and available by offering excellent quality training without having to travel. The WN4DC Symposium aims to advance the understanding of eating disorders and weight stigma while deepening counseling skills of professionals in diabetes care.

On-Demand Learning

Raising the Bar on Diabetes Education

Learn from a supportive non-dieting group of weight-neutral professionals and explore how to bring a weight-liberated approach for concerns including metabolic syndrome, PCOS,  prediabetes, gestational, and diabetes. Join the community of thought-leaders to advance your understanding of the science supporting weight-inclusive care.

This continuing education opportunity provides in-depth weight-neutral diabetes care, research, and counseling training to increase your effectiveness in helping individuals who have elevated blood sugar because of insulin resistance, PCOS, prediabetes or diabetes.

The Mission of the Weight-neutral 4 Diabetes Care Symposium is to provide excellence in diabetes education for healthcare professionals interested in offering a weight-neutral approach. The Symposium is an interactive, web-based continue education training that will advance your understanding of eating disorders, weight stigma while deepening motivational interviewing counseling skills of professionals whose work focuses on reducing insulin resistance, PCOS, prediabetes or diabetes.

The Symposium will provide a four-week series of web-based professional training. Each week, four sessions will be released for you, the professional to watch in the comfort of your home. Each session will be grouped in “tracks” to advance and deepen your knowledge and understanding. There will be four sessions per track to total 16 presentations for the symposium.


  • Nuts and Bolts of Diabetes Care

    Learn more about medication, technology, weight stigma, enjoyable movement, and research

  • Counseling and Motivational Interviewing

    Deepen vital counseling skills while supporting the client during the change process by using motivational interviewing and other counseling techniques.

  • Crafting a Weight-neutral Approach for Diabetes Care

    Explore the science, research, and advantages of having a weight-neutral approach when addressing insulin resistance or elevated blood sugar.

  • Eating Disorders & Diabetes

    Learn how to heal a person’s disordered relationship with food by offering a weight-neutral approach to care. Advance the effectiveness in preventing and treating individuals with disorder eating patterns and elevated blood sugar.

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